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Testimonials from Course Attendees

"Course was very helpful and provided me with a good First Aid knowledge; I liked the way it was broken up with practical periods and good handout materials."

Lyndsey Harper CWT Coventry

"The course was presented clearly and was easy to understand and fun through out and help me understand First Aid more clearly."

K. Gregory CWT Coventry

"A very practical course made better by an excellent tutor who was never too busy to stop and help any one on the course who was struggling, the course was fun but enable the seriousness of what we were doing to stay too the fore."

Lisa Morgan Autico.

"I enjoyed the course very much and the trainer Ron was very approachable and looked after all in his group, a very enjoyable 4 days."

Sarah Burton Heart of England.

"A very good course, never been taught First Aid in this way before the trainer was very good and helped me fulfill my learning objectives."

Anita Atwal Centrex.

"All areas of the course were taught in a very professional manner by Ron, always had time to spend with those of us who struggled, built good rapport with group all the time even during breaks."

D Clements Autico

"A good course taking into account our area of employment, want to do 4 Day course next with Ron. "

Christopher Mitchell Summit Tyres

"The course was very interesting and helped my understanding of First Aid, Ron was helpful and spent time showing us what to do and what not to do which helped. I would recommend him to others."

Jennifer Pendleton Summit Tyres

"The course was taken at a pace suitable for us all to learn especially the demonstration periods Ron was very good at his job and helped us all during the day."

Thomas Bradley Summit Tyres

"A very well presented course and it was good to have a trainer running the course who understood the Asian society ways, I would recommend him to other groups in the area as he trains in a very understandable way which would help some people in our society."

Anita Virk Asian Women’s Resource Centre.